Ed loves to make images of things maritime. He is especially facinated by work boats and they become the subject for many of his paintings and drawings. The following are just a few examples of his work. At the time of the creation of this page (stranded in Carabelle, Florida, awaiting better weather) Ed is traveling and doesn't have the facility to scan images so the gallery is a bit skimpy right now, but it will grow once they arrive back home and can find some time.
Day Off

Lobster boats tied to dock in Newport, Rhode Island harbor

Casein, 9'' X 6.5" on panel

Private collection


Lobster boat leaving Galilee, Rhode Island

5" X 7" watercolor on paper

Private collection

Petrobulk Racer, study

empty tanker, Quincy, Massachusetts

6" X 8" gouche on paper

Private collection


Coast Guard bouy tender in the yard at Cove Haven Marina, Barrington, Rhode Island.

6.5" X 12" Acrylic on paper

Collection of the artist